Accidents Happen . . .

Hey Ya’ll! So last weekend I had a two of my favorite “treasures” abruptly broken by my two-year old. As my blood pressure began to rise, I had to step back and realize that she is only acting like a two-year old and I slowly calmed down.

child I'm sorry

This got me thinking about living with children and how we decorate our homes.  I personally have always surrounded my home with things I loved and not worried too much about whether things were kid friendly.  I believe that children learn and become accustomed to what they are surrounded by and what we teach them.

My husband’s grandmother was an avid antique collector and her home was packed, and I mean packed, with valuable and breakable antiques. She did not move things out of reach or worry about things getting broken when her grandchildren came over.  Instead, she taught them that they were her “treasures” and asked that they respect her and do not touch them.  And you know what???  It worked!!

I take a similar approach in my home.  However, with this attitude you have to accept that there will be accidents and that things may get broken, but that is okay.  My children respect my things and rarely break anything.  It is our play date guests that make me nervous!

So, on the rare occasion where something gets broken, I just try and breath and reboot and remember that they are only objects.  So, my advice is to follow the age-old adage and not “cry over spilled milk” because accidents happen!  If not, there is always WINE!



keep calm

What is your approach living with children?  How do you make your home kid friendly?  Do share your tips in the comments!



  1. Jennifer, sorry to hear about your broken treasures!. It always stinks when that happens! I handle decorating with kids the exact way you do so I don’t have anything new to offer. Just wanted to give you my condolences! 🙁

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