9 Years and Counting

Today is my 9 year wedding anniversary.  My husband and I are actually high school sweethearts (cue puking sounds), so we have actually been together waaaaay longer than 9 years.  Yes, high school sweethearts still exit.

I was doing a little “research” and apparently the traditional gift for a 9 year anniversary is pottery or copper.  Not to bad for a home decor lover, right?Apparently, the modern spin on this gift is leather goods.  You had me at leather!  This got my heart going.  In honor of our 9 years together, I thought I would compile a list of things I would love in these categories.  Hopefully, my husband will take the hint!

So . . . These beauties called out to me in the copper category.  A beautiful stock pot to cook sumptuous soups for a cozy fall dinner?  A champagne bucket for having bubbly on a romantic evening?

Copper Stock Pot Copper bucket Pottery sounds somewhat boring, until you see these beautiful urns from Pottery Barn.  How gorgeous would these be on a fall table with rustic accents?

  Pottery Barn Tuscan Urns (300x270)

And the first and only contender in the leather category would be the coveted Louis Vuitton carryall.  Perfect for weekend trips to the wine country?  If only my husband read my blog!!

louis vuitton duffel Have a wonderful day!  I will be celebrating tonight.  Feeling giddy like the 15 year old girl I was when we met.

p.s.  The 10 year wedding gift is diamond jewelry.  Woot woot!!



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