8 Unique Spring Floral Arrangements

Hi everyone!  I don’t know about you but I have a serious case of Spring Fever!!  I am participating in a Spring Home Tour in a few weeks and I have been getting my home ready, including adding lots of fresh flowers to my space.  I perused around Pinterest and found these amazing and unique floral arrangements.  Most of them add unique items to the arrangement or are placed in a unique vessel.

This arrangement layers natural element upon natural element by nestling the flowers into a cabbage. So clever!

Spring Floral Arrangment 3


This arrangement combines two of my favorites with tulips and birch!

Spring Floral Arrangment 5


I love the unusual vase and free-form look of these tulips and branches.

Spring Floral Arrangement 2


I like the placement of this huge bunch of tulips in a simple wire-basket. Very Parisian flower market!

Spring Floral Arrangement 3


The addition of colored eggs to this arrangement takes it from ho-hum grocery store flower arrangement to a show- stopper.

Spring Floral Arrangement 4


This arrangement by yours truly, uses the rain boots as a statement piece.  In order to preserve the boots, I simply placed tall narrow vases inside the boots.  This arrangement has been one of my most popular pins on Pinterest and in fact, Hunter has even pinned it to their boards!

Spring FLoral Arrangment Hunter Boots

I love how the use of fresh lemons helps to mirror the sunny yellow of the ranunculus.  You could do this with any type of fruit.  Oranges, limes, kumquats.  The possibilities are endless!

Spring Floral Arrangement


Finally, this arrangement gets the “Awwwwww” Award.  Seriously, how adorable are the carrots? Enough said!



Have you started to decorate for Spring?  Do you have a go-to Spring arrangement?

Stay tuned, as later in the week I will feature some fun Easter Egg decorating ideas!



Spring FLoral Arrangment Hunter Boots with Logo


  1. Gorgeous, inspiring photos Jennifer! Love them all!

  2. You have some beautifully simple designs that really have a big impact!

    I love how you used the birch with the roses! And the carrots in the final photo is a really unique idea–you do great work, keep it up!

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