When In Doubt . . . Put an Orchid Out

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is how to style a coffee table, what to put on a console table, mantel, desk, etc.  While there is no precise formula, you can’t go wrong with the combination of books, flowers and a decorative object.  Of all flowers, orchids are my favorite to use.  I like them because they add height to a vignette and can add a much-needed pop of color.

The other bonus is that they are relatively inexpensive.  My local Trader Joe’s sells decent sized ones for $9.99 and they last forever.  No, I have not figured out how to regrow them, but if anyone has any tips, I am all ears.  While many in the design world are over them, I think they are a timeless and exotic beauty and I can’t get enough of them!

Don’t you love how they are used in the spaces below?

Orchid 16

Style Theories

Orchid 9

 Michael Garland for Traditional Home

Orchid 10

Bess Friday

Orchid 15

Orchid 6

Waiting on Martha

Orchid 14

James R. Salamon

Orchid 13

A Decorator’s Notebook

Orchid 12


Orchid 11

Country Living

Orchid 8

 Jack Thompson and Jenny Antill

Orchid 7

Caroline Lima

Orchid 5

Design Maifest

Orchid 4

Orchid 3

Bliss at Home

Orchid 2


Orchid 1

JK Kling and Associates

Do you decorate with orchids?  They are definitely my flower splurge for myself.  I have tons in the house and even mix in a few faux orchids and people can never tell which ones are real and which are faux!

If you have a tried and tested method for keeping them alive and/or getting them to re-bloom, please tell in the comments!!




  1. Love this post, Jennifer! So many beautiful photos of orchids doing their thang! Thanks for the inspiration!:-)

  2. Beautiful inspiration photos. I love decorating with orchids too. I have two and they are just starting to re-bloom. They’re blooms last forever too.

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