Waste Not Want Not

So, I was puttering around the house over the weekend and I had a stroke of genius.

The bedding in my bedroom is the Hotel Collection bedding from Macy’s that we got for our wedding many years ago.  If you got married anywhere around 2004 you have probably seen it or have it!  It was super popular.  It is color block in a light beige.  It is so old I couldn’t even find pictures of it!

I love it and it has held up well for almost 10 years.  However, I was growing a bit bored of .  That was until I ran into some of the extra Greek Key trim I used for this curtain project!

I had a bolster pillow that was just screaming for some love, so I used Fabric Glue (Fabri-Tac) to easily glue on the left over trim.

Pillow WM


Not a bad update for costing me nothing.  I have also added more texture and pillows in the same color scheme to my bed in order to liven up the bedding.

Here is how it looks now with a few updates!

Bedding watermark

bedding watermark 2



I am so glad I held on to that small amount of left over trim.  I knew I would use it someday.

Waste not want not!  Happy Monday everyone!!



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