The Patio Umbrella Upgraded

Hi friends!!  As I was planning for the Home Depot Patio Style Challenge, I went on the hunt for the perfect outdoor umbrella. I was inspired by these sophisticated yet playful umbrellas in fun colors that shout summer!  Some of them are just a tad out my price range, so I ended up DIY’ing a version of my own with some tassels.   OB-Patio Umbrellas

Greek Isle / Tassel / Pom Pom / Pagoda / Scallop / Balinese

Aren’t these such a chic take on the classic canvas umbrella?  They add such an element of whimsy and have my DIY wheels spinning.  Which one is you favorite?

Until next time!





  1. These are really perfect, trendy and amazing umbrellas to add a charming look to the patio! I admire your valuable information.

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