My Little Ponies

So, my dad retired last spring.  He was an attorney and had all kinds of decorative legal accessories, art, bookends, etc., from his office to take with him.  My mother wanted NONE of it brought home. So, I was glad to take these book ends off his hands.



They are two horse heads carved in onyx.  They had a great shape and I knew I would do something with them at some point.

I was perusing One Kings Lane and found these (I know I have a serious internet shopping problem!)  They are vintage and $125.00 for a pair.

okl hrs They even have the same striped line down the front.  Seeing these inspired me to take action and dust mine off from the garage!  Even though I liked the line down the middle, I decided to spray paint mine an ivory color to make them look more striking and it goes better with my decor.

Here is the final result:

horses wm

I was a little nervous to paint the stone, as I had never spray painted stone, but it went on so easily and smoothly.  I swear you can spray paint ANYTHING!

Now, I just need to find the right spot and books to fill them.

Don’t you just love my little ponies?  Not bad for free!  Never discount any source to decorate your space. Have vision and see how you can change it to make it a piece you love.


DIY Gold Leaf Feathers

I have been dying to try this DIY I found over at Bliss at Home for a while.  Then I found this amazing bowl by Nate Berkus on sale and I pushed it way up on my project list.

Feathers watermark 3

This DIY is almost embarrassingly simple, but these are the types of projects I love.  Minimal time, minimal resources, with a major impact!

Here is what you will need:

Craft store feathers (I found mine at Michael’s for $1.99)

Gold Leafing Pen (or paint) (about $4 with a 40% off coupon)

I ended up using a Gold Leafing Pen by Krylon because I could not find liquid gold leaf (which was recommended by Bliss at Home).  The pen was so easy to use and I did about 5 of these in 30 seconds.

I would, however, recommend using the liquid gold leaf paint, because I did notice that a few days later, the gold shimmer started to fade a bit.  I have also seen metallic gold craft paint used with nice results.

Here is the final result:

Feathers watermark Not bad for 30 seconds of time and less than $10.  There are endless options for the patterns you could draw.

I think these make a nice fall accent and they are perfect for my current obsession with gold and white.  Later, I may frame these for another room or I am thinking the would be a nice way to dress up Christmas gift packaging this year!

What do you think?  Have you ever decorated with feathers?

5 Minute DIY

I have had a slight obsession with spray paint these days.  It has so many wonderful advantages.  It is cheap, dries fast, comes in an array of colors, and it very easy to apply.  I am so design obsessed, I will walk around my house finding things to paint just to get a fix when I can’t afford to go shopping.  Sometimes, you just HAVE to paint it NOW, right??

My latest spray paint obsession is gold spray paint and when I saw this gold faux coral at ZGallerie, I knew I could do a fast and easy knock-off.

z gallerie faux gold coral ZGallerie Faux Coral

I am lucky in that I live relatively close to the beach here in California and I have an overstock collection of shells and coral to select from that I have collected throughout my life.  I had a piece of coral that had seen better days and had turned a slightly grey color.  I knew it was the perfect candidate for a makeover!

Here is the final result:

IMG_3762 (1)


Total cost: $0

Total Time:  5 minutes (for the paint to dry between coats)

My husband thinks I am crazy, but I just can’t stop spray painting things.  I keep telling him it’s better than going to the mall for retail therapy, right?

Go out and paint something today.  I promise it will make your day!