Bringing Nature Indoors

After decorating my dining table for fall, I just couldn’t stop there . . .  I had to do more.  I am not Type A or anything.

For fall, I love to bring a glimpse of what is going on outdoors inside.  So, here is my nature inspired fall vignette.

wm full table

The wreath was from an “adventure in dumpster diving.”  I know I am semi-crazy, but can you believe someone threw away a beautiful, fresh magnolia leaf wreath? Either can I!  I just let it hang in my garage to dry and it dried beautifully.

I had actually thought of using it at Christmas and maybe spray painting it some type of metallic, but I think it makes a perfect statement for fall.

wm wreath

The hydrangeas are from my yard.  While I think hydrangeas are beautiful in the spring and summer, you can’t beat the rustic colors they turn in the fall.  I love the fading hint of pink.  I will be posting soon about some methods for drying hydrangeas to preserve their beauty all year long!  Best of all, if you have them in your yard, they are a free way to add so much charm to your home.

You can’t go wrong with some fresh fruit in a bowl to finish off your fall decorating.  Both the pears and pomegranates have teeth marks on the sides not shown, compliments of my 2-year-old.  I guess I should really do these projects while my kids snooze!

wm fruit

Do you have any ways you add nature to your home, whether it is winter, spring, summer or fall?  If so, please share in the comments!