Leftover Lucite

Hi friends!!  Happy Hump Day.  I am finally feeling somewhat caught up on life after going on our vacation.  It is very Spring-like her however, and I am starting to get Spring fever.

As some of you may know, a few months ago, I did a DIY tutorial on lucite drapery rods.  I LOVED how they turned out and you can read about it here.  The added bonus of ordering the lucite from Nationwide Plastics was that they custom cut the rod to fit your window.  Little did I know that they would package and send the extra lucite that had been cut off with my order.

So, I find myself with 4 1/2 feet of lucite for another DIY project.  A quick glance at Pinterest gave me some ideas.

I could do a DIY lucite towel bar for my new bathroom.  In fact, a towel bar is one of the few things I have not installed.  I think it would go well with my black, white and brass scheme.

Lucite Towel

Lux Holdups via Etsy

I could make pulls for a door or cabinet.  How glam is this?

Lucite Pulls

Lux Holdups via Etsy

I could update some of our kitchen cabinetry!

Lucite kitchen pulls

Lux Holdups via Etsy

If I have a tiny bit left over from one of these projects, I could also DIY a lucite towel hook.

Lucite knob

Lux Holdups via Etsy

I could do a custom closet rod.  This was in a boutique, but imagine the possibilities!!

Lucite closet

Lux Holdups via Etsy

If you are a real baller and have a ton of lucite, you could also do a stair railing.  Sorry to disappoint, but this project is way out of my league!!

Lucite railings

A Storied Style

I am leaning towards a towel bar because that is the most practical for me at the moment?  Would would you do with leftover lucite?

Have a fabulous day!



Tutorial: DIY Lucite Curtain Rods

Hi lovelies!!  I promised a quick tutorial on the lucite curtain rods I wrote about here.  Sorry it has taken me so long, but between buying our current home and selling our old home, there has been very little down time!

DIY Lucite Rods


So, first and most important is finding the acrylic for the rods.  Luckily, a few fabulous bloggers have done this same project before me, so they have done all of the research for you.  The talented Grace at  A Storied Style found a company called Nationwide Plastics out in Texas.  She even has a guy named Kip who you can ask for to help you with specific inquires.  I think many a DIY’er has called, so they are used to us crazies calling to use their acrylic for curtain rods.

It is important to note that there are two types of acrylic: cellcast and extruded.  Extruded acrylic is the lower-end version and is not as strong.  It may also have imperfections and yellow over time. Hence, I opted for cellcast, which is sightly more expensive.

Cellcast rods come in 8 foot lengths.  As for the rod thickness, they come in 1/2 inch to 2 inch thickness.  1/2 inches is tiny and won’t fit most hardware.  I opted for 1 1/2 inch rods of cellcast. My window frame was 10 feet, however, so I had ordered two 8 feed rods and had them cut them each to 5 feet.  Kip will have them custom cut for you.  Just make sure you have the exact measurements for your window frame.  This cost me approximately $165, including shipping. The best part is they sent the extra pieces they cut off, so I have enough to do a towel bar in my new bathroom!!

Next, you have to think about hardware.  There are so many choices out there.  I opted for these brass standoffs from Buy Railings that I heard about from Kristen from the Hunted Interior.  They are actually for ballet barres.  Who would have thunk it?  They fit the 1 1/2 inch rod perfectly. Since my window is rather large, I ordered 3 so I could have extra support in the center.  I was a little nervous doing this, but the two 5 foot rods fit perfectly in place together inside the middle brass standoff.


Brass Center Post

This hardware, from Restoration Hardware would also make a lovely choice.

Restoration Hardware Brass standoffs

Next, we needed some curtain rings.  I searched and searched for affordable lucite ones, but they cost a small fortune.  Luckily, I read about these clear plastic shower rings from Target.  At around $1.00 per pack, I was sold!  They look just like lucite and actually pull very easily along the rod.

Target Clear shower hooks I have seen others finish off the end of the rod with brass end caps, but I opted to leave mine bare.  I can always add something  at a later date.


Driven by Decor

There you have it.  It was by no means the cheapest DIY I have ever done, but I love the way it turned out and think it looks really unique.  Stay tuned, as I plan to post soon about how I created the trim for the curtains. I was too cheap to buy actual trim, so I faked it by creating my own with fabric.

I plan to create another lucite rod to use as a towel rack out of my leftover acrylic.  What do you think?  Do you think it would make a nice DIY bathroom fixture?

Until next time!



To Buy or DIY?

Happy Monday Friends!  So, I have this huge window in my family room that has sat without curtains or drapery for about 2 1/2 years because I am SOOO indecisive about what to do with the space.  It is a very large window, so for some reason it makes it intimidating.

I finally decided to go with some basic white curtains and add some trim for unexpected detail.  I did something similar here with my DIY Greek Key drapes.  Now that the curtains are done, I am still undecided as to what type of curtain rod to use.  I have been obsessed lately with lucite or acrylic rods such as these.

Etsy Lucite Drapery Rods LuxHoldups

Designer Lucite Rod 2

Gretchen Everette Hardware and Home

Designer Lucite Rod

Mary Anne Smiley Interiors

However, purchasing lucite rods will cost you a small fortune.  Even the ones from LuxHoldUps which is an Etsy store are pricey.

Several creative bloggers have come up with DIY versions and I think they look equally as gorgeous.

AStoriedStyle-DIY Acrylic Rod antique brass A Storied Style

Hunted Interior Lucite Rods

the Hunted Interior

Driven by Decor Lucite rods

 Driven by Decor

For a window my size, it would cost upward of $400 to buy a rod.  The DIY version is about $150.

What do you think?  Do you like the look of lucite?  Should I buy or DIY?

Happy Monday lovelies!!