What’s New at Ballard Designs

Hi lovely readers!  I picked up the new Ballard Designs catalog over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised to see they had a variety of new items.

The style at Ballard is right up my alley.  It is founded in the traditional, but they also throw in modern and whimsical accents.  Here are my picks from their new catalog:

Ballard 2016 1 The new Octavia bookcase is just so fun and unique.  How fun would it be to display decor accents in the little octagons?  It comes in a variety of colors as well.

Ballard 2016 2

The Felicity line of acrylic end and coffee tables are just what I mean when I say that Ballard injects a little modern into their traditional designs.

Ballard 2016 The nailhead trim adds so much to the simple lines of the Haynes dining chair.

Ballard 2016 4 I am not a huge fan of animal print, but I find the antelope print on this rug to be so serene.  I would love to incorporate it into one of my neutral spaces.  Here it is used in a living room.  So rich and luxurious, right?

Ballard 2016 5

The imperfect chevron print on these pillows would create a graphic punch in any space.

Ballard 2016 8

I am on the lookout for art for our new home and I have always loved the dreamy abstract art from Ballards.  This blue piece from the new catalog is no exception.

Ballard 2016 9

If you have been reading the blog for a while, you know I am a huge fan of faux bamboo.  Can’t get enough of it!  This bamboo sconce would be perfect in an entry way or hallway.

Ballard 2016 10

One of my favorite things I saw in the catalog was not even something new.  It is a deal they are running on the Dayna chairs.  An oldie but a goodie.  It is one of their Best of Ballard sales.  You can get two side chairs for $399.00 or an arm-chair for $249.00.  Did I mention how much I love faux bamboo?  If you are a fan too, this is a great time to pick them up on sale, as they rarely go on sale.

Ballard 2016 3

Images courtesy of Ballard Designs

What do you think?  Are you a Ballard fan?  Do you have anything you are swooning over that is new?  Do tell in the comments!



Ballard Designs Must Have Read My Mind

I was flipping through the newest Ballard Designs catalog over the holidays and found these curtains.

Ballard Greek Key 1

Ballard Greek Key 2


They are the new Olympia Greek Key Panels.  These will set you back $139 for ONE panel.  So, if you want a set, you will be shelling out $278!  I posted about my DIY version here which cost me about $70 for FOUR panels.




I have a serious case of “decorating delirium” right now!!  I love creating a designer look for less.


DIY Brass Urchin Sculpture

Urchin photo final

I can’t get enough of brass accents.  I posted here about coveting an urchin (or starburst) sculpture.  I love the modern whimsy they add to a space and they are the perfect accent for a coffee table or bookshelf.  Alas, this one from Williams-Sonoma Home was way out of my budget.

williams sonoma starburst


However, I am not a girl to let my budget stop me from getting what I want.  So, I started doing some research and found a DIY version that is sooo0 easy. Therese over at Craft and Couture made an amazing knock off version.  Here is how you do it:


(makes 2 medium-sized urchins)

IMG_4078 (2)

1 pack of Sculpey oven bake clay (available at craft stores)

1 pack of mini wood dowels (I found mine at Michael’s)  Could also use toothpicks

1 can of gold or brass spray paint


First, slice the clay into two equal parts.

IMG_4080 (2)

Second, knead each half in your hand for a few minutes and then roll each half into a ball.

Then press down gently on the ball to slightly flatten the bottom.

IMG_4084 (2)

Third, starting at the top, insert the dowels.  Insert them about 1/4 inch .

IMG_4085 (2)

Fourth, insert the dowels in the shape of a cross and then fill in each section.  That gives it more uniformity.

IMG_4098 (2)

Fifth, it is all done and ready for some heat!  Follow the instructions on your clay packet.

I baked mine at 275 degrees for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Place it on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil.


Finally, let it cool down completely and then spray paint it with 2 coats of gold spray paint.

urchin photo wm


This project was very easy and my 4-year-old even helped!

It costs me less than $5 per sphere

You can use styrofoam instead of clay, but it won’t hold up as well.

If the clay starts to lose its shape, just reform it as you go.

If a wooden dowel falls out after baking, just apply some craft glue on the end and insert it back in the hole.

You can make different sizes of these and cluster them together.  Simply adjust the size of the balls and wood.

I am really pleased with how these turned out and plan to make something similar for Christmas tree ornaments.  Stay tuned . . .


Cozy Up

Fall is in the air which means cooler nights perfect for a fire and a hot beverage!

west elm throw

West Elm

Nothing makes me happier in the fall and winter like a soft cozy throw blanket to take the chill off.  I have more in my collection than I care to admit.  The kids need their own, right??

I recently bought this off white faux fur throw with a subtle quatrefoil print.  I just love it!  It is soo soft and warm.

thro thrw2

I thought I would do a roundup of some of the best deals out there on faux fur throws.  They are such a great way to add warmth and texture to a space.

First, there is this this adorable pom pom throw from Overstock.com.  It is only $45!  Isn’t it adorable?

overstock pom pom throw

Next, there is this very reasonably priced faux fur throw from H&M.  It is only $69.95.  Don’t you just want to climb into that bed?

h and M thow

Right now, these beautiful throws are on sale at Restoration Hardware for $79.  Even cheaper than those at Pottery Barn!

rh throw

I think faux fur can make a beautiful statement and can fit into any type of design from modern to traditional.  However, I think you need to be careful in how it is placed and styled to ensure it looks more sophisticated than log cabin!

Also, if you are not careful, you can end up with too much of a good thing. The example below is why I try to stray away from prints and stick with solids.

too much faux fur


There are too many beautiful options out there, so I  have to end with one more stylish photo and not leave you with the cheesy options above.

pb throw Pottery Barn


Whew, I feel much better now!  The wave of nausea has passed.

What do you think?  Do you say “yes” to faux fur or is it a faux pas?