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I was flipping through television channels over the weekend and I ran into an old rerun of Sex and the City.  It was the episode where Charlotte and Trey were having photos of their apartment taken to be featured in House and Garden magazine.  It made me realize how each apartment on that show completely reflected each women’s personality.  It reminded me of how personal decorating truly is.

Carrie Bradshaw’s West Village brownstone is just like her- stylish, scattered and totally New York.  You can definitely tell that her interior design takes a back seat to her love of fashion.  You can see the real attention to detail is in her closet which is painted a lovely shade of grey!

sex and the city carrie 4


sex and the city carrie 5


Sex and the city carrie 2


sex and the city carrie

Charlotte’s Park Avenue apartment is chic, sophisticated and feminine just like Charlotte.  It has a soft palette and is open and airy.

Sex and the City Charlotte 3


Sex and the City Charlotte


Sex and the City Charlotte 2

Samantha’s space in the meat-packing district fits her well.  Edgy and passionate.  Her kitchen is clean and modern and her bedroom is cloaked in red… the color of love.

Sex and the City Samantha


sex and the city samantha 4

Sex and the City Samantha 2


Miranda’s Upper West Side apartment is just what every hard-working lawyer needs.  It has a large dining room table to use for late nights working on legal briefs.  As a former attorney, I know how nice this can be when you are forced to bring work home!  Her apartment is polished and put together, just like Miranda!

Sex and the City Miranda


Sex and the City Miranda 3


Sex and the City Miranda 2


Sex and the City Miranda 4

 All Photos Courtesy of HBO

If I had to identify with a decorating style, I would probably relate most to Charlotte.  Her style is a bit too traditional for me, so I would mix it up with a few modern touches.

What about you?  What character’s style do you relate to most?  Do tell in the comments!

This post is about 10 years late, but I can’t help but reminisce.  I am not going to hold my breath for a Sex and The City 3!!


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