Nursery Idea: Gilded Blocks

I found this idea on Pinterest and decided to try it out since it was so easy and I had all of the supplies on hand.  I think this would be such a cute addition to a nursery or child’s room.  It could adorn a bookshelf, floating shelf, or changing table.

love wm

I just took a gold leafing pen by Krylon, which you can find at any craft or art store, and painted the border and the letters on baby blocks.  I used the same gold leafing pen for this DIY Gold Leaf Feather project here.  You could also spell out a child’s name or another saying.  The possibilities are endless when you have a set of blocks!

My posts are short and sweet this week, as my 4-year-old had her tonsils and adenoids out (ouch!) Recovery has been tough and I am busy doling out “LOVE.”



  1. Super cute idea! Sending well wishes 🙂
    XO, g

  2. Thanks Gabi! I swear I would consider having another baby just to decorate another nursery!! Can’t wait to see you guys at xmas.

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