Making a home . . . Out of Nothing at All

This blog was born literally out of nothing at all.  In the late summer of 2012 my family of four moved into a larger home (thank god!) and I had zero funds to decorate it.  I made it my mission in life to decorate it for free or as cheaply as possible.

I am no stranger to taking things off the road and transforming them into something new and amazing of my own.  I was also fortunate to inherit a few pieces from a relative that had good bones to work with.  I have always loved interior design but given my current budget, I am forced to be creative and see endless possibilities in objects to decorate with.  Decorating a space when money is no object is easy.  The real challenge is creating something amazing, unique, and creative on a tight budget.

This blog is dedicated to showing readers that through an arsenal of diy projects, savvy shopping and creativity, you can have the look for less.  Come join me on my cheap and chic journey to make our house a home!


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