Layering Mirrors

I am a big fan of using mirrors to decorate just about any space.  They can trick the eye and create the look of more space of in a small space, and create interest and sparkle in just about any room.  I was intrigued by the images below that layer mirror upon mirror.  I think it is the perfect way to break up a wall or create a focal point.  It would also be a great way to update a boring, outdated bathroom!

mirrors Pinterest

mirrors pinterest  Design Chic

mirrors carla ashton 2 Carla Aston Interiors

mirrors pinterest 2 Traditional Home

mirrors pinterest 4 Pinterest

mirrors pinterest 3 Pinterest

mirrors simple details

Simple Details

mirrors carla aston Carla Aston Interiors

mirrors 3


I have never tried this and I am sure there is some type of adhesive to attach the mirrors.  Maybe I will  try it and report back!

What do you think?  Intriguing or overkill?

Have a wonderful Monday!!


  1. I fiadnt noticed the mirror layering trend before reading this post but I must say I’m definitely intrigued! I love the look in the photos you featured! As usual great eye, Jennifer!:-)

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