How Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Changed My Life!

I have a confession to make.  A year ago I had never refinished a piece of furniture.  I mean never ever!  It always seemed like a good idea in theory, but then I would think of all the dirty, exhausting, sanding, priming and painting and I would starting looking in the catalogs at new furniture.  I always have good intentions with these lofty goals of the perfect furniture re-do, but then run out of enthusiasm when the going gets tough.

Paint is amazing, in that it can completely change a room or piece of furniture.  It wasn’t until I read all of the rave reviews about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, that I though to myself . . . “I can do this!!”  So, I schlepped out to my local “stockist” (slightly annoyed that I had to go to a place 15 miles away called a “stockist” to buy the darn stuff).  I purchased two quarts in Old White and Pairs Grey for $39 each (not happy about that either!)

The next day I tried to find my happy place, and forget about the effort and cost involved in finding the paint.  I decided to try the paint out on a small accent table.  It was one of those highly varnished wood tables they used to sell at the now defunct Bombay Company (remember that place???)  I am convinced everyone in the late 90’s owns something from there!

Here is the beauty before:


All I did to prepare the table was wipe it down with a cloth.  No sanding, no priming.  I painted inside my house and completed the table very quickly.  After it dried, I used sand paper to distress it and applied a few coats of clear wax.  I. was. in. love.  In about 15 minutes I had totally transformed the look of the table.

And here is the after:


I have now painted many pieces with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint as well as other regular latex paints.  I have painted mirrors, small accessories, large dressers, baskets, outdoor planters, and even placemats.  I truly love this paint and will have a separate post about what I feel are the advantages and disadvantages of this special paint!  I feel this paint helped me to turn a DIY corner (if there is such a thing) and venture into other DIY projects, and it gave me a ton of confidence with painting.

I know I am late to hop on this chalk paint DIY bandwagon!!  What do you think- are you a smitten kitten like me?  What projects have you tried?  I love some of these transformations done by some very talented bloggers.


blue-gray-painted-dresser-cg_thumb  Centsational Girl


Annie Sloan


Centsational Girl

Annie Sloan Buffet

One Girl In Pink


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