Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

I have been wanting a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree for what seems like forever.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Remain Simple

These beautiful houseplants have been very trendy for some time now.  I think they are the perfect way to bring a natural element into your home and can add so much texture and height to a room.  I also think they also lend themselves to different interiors from modern to traditional to cottage.  See the range of homes they are used in below.

Fiddle Leaf Fig 4

Redmond Aldrich Design

Fiddle Leaf Fig 3

Simply Smitten

Fiddle Leaf Fig 8


Fiddle Leaf Fig 6


Fiddle Leaf Fig 9 Houzz

Fiddle Leaf Fig 2 Better Homes and Gardens

They sell very small ones at Ikea but they are not like the tall ones featured above.  The are more of a bush-like shrub.  I am desperate to find a big boy!  I have heard they sell them at Home Depot and Lowe’s now, but I have not had success there.

Do you have a go-to house plant?  One you can keep alive??

If any of my Northern California readers know where to find a tall Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, please do tell!

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