Design Trends for 2014

I am not a huge fan of tracking and analyzing design trends.  I truly believe that if it is beautiful to you and you love it – it is the perfect type of design for you!  However, I do like to see what is on trend from time to time.  This is what some of the powers that be are saying about 2014, some of which I am excited about.  Some not so much!

This is what is IN for 2014:

In 2014


Image via Gluekit for the Wall Street Journal


  • SHEER DRAPERY:  The popularity of heavy drapes is fading.  
  • VENETIAN MARBLED PAPER PRINTS: To be seen everywhere from linens to wallpaper.
  • CORDUROY UPHOLSERY:  A casual alternative to velvet
  • MACRAME AND FIBER-ART WALL HANGINGS:  For replacing wallpaper and adding texture (seriously??)
  • ART DECO HUES: Such as amythest, topaz, olive and rose quartz

Overall, I am not in love with any of these trends.  Seriously, macrame???  That is a trend I feel fine leaving in the 70’s FOREVER!!

I do love sheer drapes and marbled paper.  I even have some marbled paper framed in my house. But, we will have to see where these trends go.

Here is what is OUT for 2014:

Out 2014

 Image via Gluekit for the Wall Street Journal


  • IKAT PRINTS:  Apparently, if you see it on paper plates at CVS, it is out of style!
  • ALL WHITE KITCHENS:  While white appliances are becoming popular, the stark “all white” kitchen is falling out of style.
  • WOODLAND CREATURES:  Foxes and owls are on their way out.
  • THE BELGIAN LOOK:  Somebody better tell Restoration Hardware this!
  • BOOKS REDUCED TO DECOR: Apparently, it is a statement about not reading.

So ready to be done with the woodland creature thing!  I am sad to see Ikat go out.  It has been a big trend for a while so it doesn’t surprise me.  I think it is the perfect combination of modern, global and traditional!  I better run out to CVS for the Ikat paper plates while they last!!

What do you think?  Any design trends you are loving?

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