Decorating With Vintage Ornaments

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Vintage ornaments are so beautiful and bright and I have long been wanting a collection of my own.  They look amazing on a tree, but make an even bigger impact arranged simply in a silver or ironstone bowl.

I inherited a few from my husband’s grandmother, but have seen them at the Sacramento Antique Faire on many occassions!

Done right, they could even work in a modern setting.  So, go ask your family and grandparents if they have any of these treasures in an attic or basement somewhere!

vintage ornament 1

vintage ornament 5 sugar sugar

Vintage ornaments 3 sr

vintage ornament 2

  Do you have any in your Christmas collection?  If so, how do you use them?


  1. Thanks Jenny! I love your website. Your ideas on how to use antique ornaments are great!
    I look forward to each new idea you post. Happy holidays, and I know you’ll have a wonderful Christmas.
    PS- I love seeing your girls. They are growing up, and your mom and dad are enjoying them so much.

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