Decorating with Shades of Blue

Hello lovely readers!!  Today is the start of a monthly series I am starting up here on the blog.  It is a decorating with color series and each month I will tackle a new color and discuss what to pair it with and why it works in certain rooms.  Today, we are starting with a classic favorite -blue!

From indigo to royal to ice blue, this hue is a huge hit with professional and novice decorators alike.  It adds a calm and serene vibe to any room in the home.  It pairs very well with yellow, white, silver, lavender, black, green and red.

I love how saturated the blue hues are in the bedroom below.

blue room4


Blue and white- oh so right!!

Blue room 3

 House Beautiful

The pastel hues in this dining room make me wish it was Easter.

Blue Room 15


Moody blue walls and artwork pair well together.

Blue Room 14

House Beautiful

You can definitely make a statement with a blue velvet sofa.

blue room 13

House Beautiful

Blue can be so crisp and light, but dark and moody as well.

blue room 12


I love the boho vibe of these different blue patterns.

blue room 11

House Beautiful

Blue even works well in the kitchen.  Love it paired here with brass.

Andrea's Kitchen

Blue, white and pink- oh my!

blue room 9


blue room 7


Blue room 8


blue room 6


Blue and white look so fresh and crisp in this bedroom.  Breakfast in bed please!

blue room 5

Susan Palma

Blue room 4


I have been coveting this sectional from Horchow for years.  It is one of the few pieces that satisfies both my husband’s and my needs.  I may have to paint my living room blue if I ever purchase it!

blue room 2


Can we just say, not your basic built in?  This looks so chic with the brass sconces.

Blue Room 1


I hope you have enjoyed this series.  Next month, I plan to tackle an uncommon choice- yellow!




  1. Would it surprise you that I love every single image here???

  2. I love blue! The second pic down and the Horchow photos are my favorites!:-)

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