Decorating with Books

When I was looking at the design trends for 2014, it was said that books reduced to decor was on its way out.  It was called a “statement in not reading.”  I disagree.  I think there are many books that you can read and then enjoy as decor.  I feel like there is nothing more personal than decorating with books.  It tells a story of who you are, where you have been, and what your preferences are.

Books are so versatile.  You can style them on a bookshelf, stack them high and use them as an end table, or use them to give height and dimension to a coffee table or other vignette.  If you have been reading this blog for any period of time, you will know how I use books in many of my shoots and vignettes.


decorating with books 9 Grey and Scout

domino decorating with books Domino

decorating with books 2 Arianna Belle

decorating with books 1 The Neo Traditionalist

decorating with books 12 Pinterest

decorating with books 7 The Everygirl

decorating with books 11 The Glitter Guide

decorating with books 3 Sara Ruffin Costello

decorating with books 10 Decor 8

decorating with books 5 Mark Sikes

decorating with books6 Paloma 81

decorating with books 8 Tiffany Eastman Interiors

Do you ever decorate with books?  What do you think is the best way to display these treasures?

Stay tuned as I will be posting about my favorite design and coffee table books!

New Year . . . New Tactics

I posted here about how it takes an act of God to get things hung in my house.  It got me thinking about my never-ending “Honey Do” List.  Nothing ever gets crossed off that list without a ton of nagging.  I mean CONSTANT nagging.

I don’t know about you, but despite what my husband thinks, I don’t enjoy nagging.  I just want it done!!


honeydo list 2

My friend Madeline over at Plan To Happy, has a different system she calls “Alternative Nagging” or the “Alterna-nag” for short.

Here is how it works.  Say, for example, you want your significant other to call a painter to paint your house.  You ask them ONCE to do it. Then, after a reasonable amount of time passes you ask them “how did it go with the painters?”  “What did they say?  “What was the quote?,” etc. Then the ball is in their court to admit they didn’t do it and get on it.  You are not nagging, just assuming they did what you asked.  Oh how reasonable you appear!

Brilliant, right?  It likely gets done faster without being a nag!  Win win.  I will never have to nag about one of these again.

honeydo list

It might even work with children as well.  I will have to continue my experiment!

Do you have any subtle tricks you use to get things checked off of your never-ending “Honey Do” List?

California Dreaming . . .

Dreaming of California Closets that is.  This time of year I have organizing on the brain BIG time.  I have even created an entire Pinterest board on closets!

I don’t know about you, but I live in an older home where the closet storage is never enough, no matter how organized I am.  I would love to have California Closets come out and build a custom closet for me!  Something like this maybe?

California Closest 1

 California Closets

Here are some more inspiration shots I am drooling over!  My life would be perfect if I had these closets, right??

closets 9

closet 10

Architectural Digest

closet 11


closet 8


closet 7


closet 4

closet 2


Closet 1


Can you imagine having a walk in closet with this much storage and organization?  A closet big enough you need to add decorative accessories?  A girl can dream, right?   Until then, I am off to Ikea to get some easy, inexpensive storage solutions!

Do you have a walk-in closet or an amazing closet organization system?  Do tell in the comments.  I promise I won’t hate you!

You can see my Pinterest board on closets here and you can head over here to follow me on Pinterest!

Have a great weekend!


New Year . . . New Organization Tools

Hey Y’all  I hope you are over your hangover and enjoying 2014!

I have to confess that I am not an inherently organized person.  I dream of being one of those “there is a place for everything” people, but it is never going to happen.

However, I do need to remove some serious junk from my house this year.  My closets and storage spaces are brimming with things I never or rarely use. I really believe that when your home is clean and uncluttered you can get more done and think better.

This year, I have signed up for the January Cure at Apartment Therapy.  They will send you an e-mail with an organizing assignment every day from January 2nd to the 30th.  Since it is broken down into daily assignments, I am hoping I will not get overwhelmed and will stay motivated.  Maybe my rooms will end up looking something like this??


BHG Organized Office Better Homes and Gardens

So, if you are interested in getting a systematic plan for organizing in January, head over here to sign up!  It starts Thursday, January 2nd.

Do you have any tried and tested organizing tips?  If so, help a disheveled mamma out and share in the comments.