DIY Placemat Pillow

Today, I am sharing one of my favorite tips for affordable pillows.   I love to use table linens such as placemats and napkins to make pillows.  Many companies such as Pottery Barn have the same patterns and prints they feature on their expensive pillow covers also available on their table linens.

photo (2)

This technique could not be simpler, and it is a great idea to use for seasonal decor.  I have a hard time spending $40 on Christmas pillows that I will use only for a few weeks.  This is a much more affordable alternative.

I wanted to add some rustic fall elements to our home and I found these simple placemats for a steal at Homegoods.

Here is what you will need:


Poly-Fil (Polyester Fiber)-I got mine at Joann here.

Seam Ripper- I got mine at Joann here for about $2.00.

Needle and thread


Step 1– Take your seam ripper and gently start removing the stitches from one corner of the placemat.  I only remove enough of the seam to allow my hand to fit in to stuff the stuffing (about 3-4 inches).


Step 2– Start stuffing the placemat with the Poly-Fil.  For best results, I recommend using small portions at a time and then massaging it around in your hands before stuffing it in the mat. Most brands of Poly-Fil also come with a stick that you can use to press the stuffing into the corners.

Step 3 – Use a needle and thread to hand stitch the opening closed and voila you have a new pillow.  Here is how mine turned out and I love it.  It only cost me about $5.00 for one!

Placemat Pillow 2

Placemat Pillow

Do you have any tips or tricks for inexpensive pillows?  I would love to hear in the comments!



Designer Spotlight: Caitlin Wilson Textiles

I have a slight pillow obsession and in fact have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to pillows!  It is such an easy way to change-up the feel of a space.  I started noticing that a ton of pictures I was pinning had these modern and fresh pillows made out of Caitlin Wilson Textiles.  She has such an amazing take on patterns and colors.  I love the Tribeca Collection for the patterns and the Gold Collection for its edgy and glamorous feel!  See how her pillows are used in the spaces below.


Caitlin Wilson 1 Caitlin Wilson

Caitlin Wilson 2 Caitlin Wilson

Caitlin Wilson 3 Caitlin Wilson

Caitlin Wilson 4 Simplified Bee

Caitlin Wilson 5 Hunted Interior

Caitlin Wilson 6 Jaime Lauren 


Caitlin Wilson 7



Caitlin Wilson 8 Caitlin Wilson

Caitlin Wilson 9 Courtney Apple

Caitlin Wilson 10 Design Sponge

Caitlin Wilson 11 Stephanie Sterjovski

Now don’t you just want to run out and buy some of her pillows?  I know I do!

Have a great Friday and don’t forget to enter the giveaway to enter a $100 Homegoods Gift Card here.


DIY Pom-Pom Drapes

Pom Pom Drapes

I am hard pressed to call this a “tutorial.”  This is so simple, but I feel it can add such an impact to a space.

I had a window in my daughter’s room that needed a window treatment but I did not want to spend a fortune.  I purchased the Ritva drapes from Ikea in white.  I highly recommend these drapes.  They are only $34.99 for a pair and they look like linen and have a nice weight to them. I actually think they were on special for $25.00 when I purchased them. They are so easy to embellish with trim other accents to make them look much more high-end then they are.

Then I purchased 6 yards of this pom-pom trim at Joann’s.  It was only $3.99 per yard and I used a 50% off coupon.  FYI, there are amazing apps for all the craft stores where you can upload a coupon for 40-50% off.  I never pay retail at craft stores.

pom pom trim All I did was use my amazing sewing ability (of sewing a straight line) to add the trim to the curtains. The trim was heavy, so I made sure I did a good job of pinning it to the drapes first!  If you don’t sew, you could even glue the trim on using Heat n Bond or fabric glue.

Here is my final result!
Pom Pom Drapes 4

Pom Pom Drapes 3

Pom Pom Drapes 2

I swear it was the day after finishing this project that I read this blog post on A Thoughtful Place on a DIY Pelmet Box above the curtains.  My husband might leave me, but I think I am going to attempt this project to give it a more polished look.  I will keep you posted!


A Thoughtful Place

The possibilities are endless with this inexpensive and fun trim.  It comes in a wide range of colors too!  Here are just a few ideas I have run across.

DIY Pom-Pom Throw:

  pom-pom-throw-1351 Sugar and Cloth

DIY Pom-Pom Pillows:

The Makerista-Pillow-DIY-Envelope-Pom Poms The Makerista

pompomtrimpillowcover Teal and Lime

You could also add it to a table runner, place mat, napkins, or towels for a nice hostess gift.  Oh my, the possibilities are endless!!!

You can see the other updates I did to my daughter’s room here.

Have you ever added an embellishment to simple fabric?  Do tell in the comments!

Drop Cloth Decor

Today my friends I have a fun and super budget friendly decorating idea.  You can use simple painter’s drop cloths you can by at home improvement store to make curtains, pillows, slip covers, etc.  The options are endless.

I found a 4ft. x 15ft. drop cloth here at the Home Depot for only $17.00!  Here are some ideas on how to use these hardworking gems!

How adorable are these drop cloth curtains that the Hunted Interior did for her daughter’s big girl room?

Drop Cloth Hunted Interior

Check out what Kate over at Centsational Girl did with drop cloth on the patio.  It has the look of an expensive cabana for much, much less!


Drop Cloth CG

Carmel over at Our Fifth House hit it out of the ballpark with these blue stenciled drapes.  You would never know they were made out of drop cloths and look like high-end fabric.  With the range of beautiful stencils out there, you could make anything you can dream up!

Drop Cloth Our 5th House


Martha Stewart herself is also on board.  She has created canopies, pillows and even an outdoor shower curtain out of drop cloths!

Drop Cloth Martha Stewart 2 Martha Stewart Photo by Seth Smoot

Drop Cloth Martha Stewart 3 Martha Stewart Photo by Seth Smoot

Drop Cloth Martha Stewart

 Martha Stewart Photo by Seth Smoot

You could also make a hammock out of this inexpensive and easily accessible material.  Can you say Father’s Day gift?

Have you ever tried making something out of painter’s drop cloths?  Mine are mostly spattered with paint, but I may have to run out to Home Depot so I can give this a try!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Mine is going to be busy with a swim meet and ballet recital and I have about 20 home projects I want to tackle. Never enough time!

DIY Upholstered Console Table

Console WM Banner

I am so excited to bring this reveal to you guys because I had so much fun doing it and am really pleased with how it turned out.  I am really proud of myself because we built it from scratch.  I posted here about some of my favorite options for console tables.  I really liked many of them, but I had really specific measurements, and had a hard time finding something I loved in those dimensions. So the DIY’er in me said why not make one.  I used big time power tools and I am glad to say that they were not as intimidating as I imagined.

Here is what you will need:

  1. Two 8 foot 2×12 
  2. 3″ wood screws
  3. 4 L Brackets
  4. Wood glue
  5. Drill
  6. Circular saw
  7. T-square or right angle
  8. 4 yards of fabric of choice
  9. Staple gun
  10. Fabric glue
  11. Tack strip (it is for upholstery projects and you can find it here)

Here is what we did:

FIRST, cut your boards.  I cut one board into two 30 ” sections for the legs.  I cut the second board to 64″  for the top.  If you want it longer or shorter adjust your cuts accordingly!

Consoel 1


Console 2

Oh yeah!  You can just call me sawdust girl!

Console 3

SECOND, set your two legs up vertically and then put your top board on top of the two legs.  This sounds easy but you want to get the legs into perfect position before putting it together.  Use your right-angle tool of choice to get it right.  Then lift off the top, put wood glue on the tops of the legs (keeping them vertical) and put your top back onto the glued legs.  Screw through the top board into each leg, with three screws in each leg.  I pre-drilled and then put wood glue in each pre-drilled hole before attaching with the 3″ wood screws.  Keep checking to make sure you are keeping your table perfectly square.

Console 5

And voila, there you have a very simple Parsons style console table!

Console 6

Moving onto the upholstery.  I found this chic faux ostrich fabric online and I thought it would be perfect.  It is upholstery weight and is vinyl, so it wipes up clean!


Upholstering this bad boy was much more of an undertaking than I realized.  A huge shout out goes out to my husband who helped me with this.  We make quite the DIY duo.  Watch out Young House Love– Ha! (For those of you who do not obsessively read design blogs like me, Young House Love is a DIY/Design blog written by the most hilarious and cute couple.)

Here is what you do to achieve the look:

FIRST, I started out by cutting the fabric in half width-wise (half of the 54-inch width is perfect to cover the top and sides).

SECOND, I then draped it over the table to play around with how I would handle the corners of the table.  I decided it would be easy to just fold the corner diagonally and affix it to the table (sort of like wrapping a present).  I then flipped the table over on its back so I could start covering one side.

THIRD, I pulled it tight and stapled the end at the bottom.  I pulled the fabric really tight and started stapling both sides.  They didn’t have to be perfectly even because they were going to be covered with another panel of fabric on the inside of the table.  I pulled the fabric very tight and stapled the fabric around all 3 outside surfaces of the table.

FOURTH,  I covered the insides, which was a bit trickier.  This is where the tack strip is  a necessity. Cut the fabric the length of the legs with a few extra inches in width on each side of the table leg. Measure and cut two strips of tack strip that match the length.  Turn the fabric inside out and line it up an inch or two with the edge of the table leg.  Staple the tack strip along the edge of the table leg holding the fabric in place underneath.  Temporarily tack the other piece of tack strip to the other edge of the table leg.

Apply fabric glue to the top (after one side is attached, you can’t fit a staple gun under the fabric to staple the tack strip to the other side, so you have to use fabric glue.)  Glue the seam to the bottom edge of the table leg to complete the inside. Pull the stapled fabric tight and fold it back over the tack strip and back over the table leg.  Hold firmly against tack strip on other side to secure the glue. Once the glue dries, use needle nose pliers to remove the temporary staples.  Apply glue to the other side of the tack strip and fold the remaining edge of the fabric back over to complete.  Glue the seam to the bottom edge of the table leg to complete the inside.  Use this process to cover the inside of both legs and underneath the top and you will have smooth seams and nice clean edge.

Here are a few close-ups of the tack strip process in progress . . .

IMG_5050 (2)

IMG_5052 (2)

IMG_5053 (2)

IMG_5049 (2)

LAST, but not least, I added four L brackets to the inside of the table to make it just a bit more sturdy. I had visions of my two-year old and four-year old climbing over the couch and trying to surf on it!


Here is a close up of the seam.


Here is the final result.  Overall, I am really pleased given that I barely spent any money on this piece and it is custom fit to my dimensions.

console wm 5


console wm 4


console wm 3


Console WM 2


Console WM 1

This simple and chic table was inspired by Audrey Hepburn and her sophisticated and clean style.  I have a thing for her and even named my youngest daughter after her.  In honor of miss Audrey, I took a few shots of the table styled with Audrey Hepburn in mind.

Audrey 3


Audrey 4


Audrey 2


What do you think?  I am pretty pleased given that it only cost me around $65.  The best part of the project was getting to do it with my dad and husband- two very special men in my life!

Hopefully, there will be more big furniture DIY’s in my future!!

I am linking up to the Summer Soiree Party,  Best of the Nest at Driven By DecorTutorials and Tips over at Home Stories A-Z Thrifty Decor Chick, and Work it Wednesday.  Head over and check out all of the inspiration!!


Indigo Accents

Everywhere I turn, I keep seeing the most rich hues of indigo blue.  From high-end retailers like Horchow to stores like Target, this trend is everywhere. It is one of the oldest methods for dying fabrics and has stood the test of time.  It works classically with white, but can also be mixed with other colors like pink or chartreuse.


I am also really loving the indigo tie dye prints that are out there.  They are so relaxed and summery!  They have the power to transport me to an island in the Bahamas.  Maybe someday!  Here are some of my favorite picks on this trend.

OB Indigo

Mirror / Pillow / Rug / Napkins / Pillow / Pouf

What do you think?  It it a color you would use in the spring or summer?  If you had your own private island??


Another Hooray For Tarjay!

I know, I have a serious problem.  I need to stop talking about Target, but I can’t.  Every time I swear I am done blabbing about it, they come out with something else amazing.  Well, this time, Target has expanded their furniture selections to include custom upholstered furniture.  You can have various pieces for the living room and the bedroom tailored with your fabric of choice.  As with everything at Target, these pieces are very affordable, considering they are custom!

target custom furnityre


Target has custom upholstered settees, armchairs, chaises, ottomans, headboards and much more.  Some of my favorite pieces include these:

target custom furniture

target custom furniture 2


target custom furniture 3


target custom furniture 4 Once again they are right on TARGET!  Head over here to see the entire selection of customizable furniture!

DIY Spotted Tablecloth

The other day I posted here about our Valentine’s Day table.

Valentine's Table VM

I thought I would show you how to make the DIY spotted pink tablecloth on the table.  It is so easy to do and it can be customized to any color scheme.  I think it would be really nice with black spots as well.

Here is what I used:




  • 1 1/2 yards of white fabric
  • Potatoes in a small, medium and large size
  • Acrylic Fabric Paint that can be used on fabric (I used Marta Stewart Craft Paint in Fruit Punch)
  • Foam Paint Brush (not pictured)

FIRST, I covered my table with plastic garbage bags.  This paint definitely bleeds through the fabric, so protect the underlying surface.



SECOND, I cut each potato in half and dipped a half in the paint.  I randomly stamped the fabric all over.  I like that the shapes of the potatoes are not perfectly round.  It makes it look custom and unique as opposed to polka-dotted.


FINALLY, I took the end of a foam paint brush and dipped it in the paint and added random round circles where there were empty spots.  The end of the brush is also useful for filling in any mistakes made using the potato stamps.

That is it- easy peasy!  I bet my four-year old has done something similar in preschool!  It is fun and adds a pop of color to our house for Valentine’s Day!


Fabric Trend: Ticking Stripes

I have been seeing classic ticking stripes popping up all over the place lately.  This pattern is so timeless.  It very versatile and relatively inexpensive. While most associated with coastal homes, it can transition into modern and traditional spaces as well.

There is something so relaxed and comfortable about it!  It comes in a variety of colors, but blue is the most common.


ticking 1

Elle Decor

ticking 2 martha stewart Martha Stewart Living

ticking 3

Traditional Home

Of course, trend setting Pottery Barn has a selection of ticking stripe items in their new spring line!
Don’t you just want to run out and decorate a beach house??  I also think it would be soo cute in a little boy’s room. Have you ever used ticking stripes as part of your decor?