Carving Out a Work Area In a Small Space

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Recently, I have been looking for small space office inspiration.  I stumbled upon a site called WeWork, and was inspired by the many creative office spaces they feature.  WeWork is a co-working company that can find the perfect work space for you.  WeWork has many locations around the nation and provides creative and unique solutions for all types of business owners.

As some of you may know, in addition to writing this blog, I also work part-time.  I am very lucky to be able to work from home as it provides a ton of flexibility for my other part-time, aka my children. However, there is one teency weency problem. I don’t have an office or desk.  Working on your bed may sound like a little slice of heaven, but in actuality, it can be rather counter-productive.

So, are you ready to see what my current office looks like?  I use the term “office” very loosely. Before you feel sorry for me, this post is going to end with a little DIY project I did to carve out more of a work space.  Here is the before:


Yes, you saw that right.  I am using the BOX that my printer came in as a “desk.”  I pile my laptop and all of my disorganized paperwork on top of it.  It is not a good situation and is beginning to create mental clutter and make working difficult for me.

So, I was really excited when I remembered that the owners of our home had left these really ugly end tables in the basement and said we could use them.  The end table I chose was a really ugly redwood color that looked like dated office furniture. Here it is before I worked a little magic on it.


Not exactly the chic desk I envisioned when designing my dream office.  But, I knew it had potential and that a little paint and attention to detail would spruce it up.  So, I used some paint I had on hand and ordered some O’verlays.  You can read about using O’verlay’s on our Ikea dresser here.

This time, instead of purchasing an O’verlay’s kit, I bought a strip of greek key trim for a little over $20.00.  It came in a big long strip, but I was easily able to cut it using a utility knife.  A little gold spray paint later, I had this:

Overlays Greek Key Desk 1

Overlays Greek Key Desk

Not bad for almost free, right?  My favorite part is that it has storage underneath where I can keep my ever accumulating paperwork.  The top  of the table is just large enough to keep some flowers and a few small accessories.

This is a short-term solution.  We are hoping to eventually have our little girls share a room, which would open up an entire room that could serve as my office and/or a playroom  In the long-term, I would love an office space that is much larger and put together.  My must have essentials for any office space include a desk with clean lines, acrylic and gold accessories, a lamp for lighting, and to keep work fun, flowers.

Having a creative and beautiful work space is so critical to inspiration and productivity.  For example, I love how completely glamorous this office is.  If I end up having to share my office space with a playroom space, this is probably too over the top!

chic office 2

Heather Telford

I love how this office space was carved out of an attic space.

Chic office 3


I think a gallery wall is a nice addition to any office space.  Use one with beautiful artwork, or inspirational quotes to get you into your work groove.

Chic office 5

Studio Castillero for Glitter Guide

Who would not die with an office surrounded by this much natural light?

Chic Office

Brittany Ambridge for Domino

As I said, gold and acrylic accessories elevate everyday office supplies into statement pieces.

chic office accessories

Danielle Moss

Do you have a home office?  What are your tips for making it a creative and productive space?

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  1. I carved out a spot for a small desk in the breakfast area next to the window. I can see outside and be in the middle of all the action since my kit/breakfast/ and family rooms are all open to each other. Works great for me. I made some Kate Spade knock offs and a few gold and acrylic accessories and it looks fabulous.

    • I would love to have a spot near a window. Natural light is the best mood enhancer ever! Marty I just checked out our Kate Spade knock off office supplies and I am so trying your ideas. Just like you I love the look but not the price. Especially for office supplies!!

  2. Love the overlays. I follow them on Pinterest. Lots of great makeovers. Having a designated workspace keeps me inspired to blog. It would be nice to have a beautiful space like the images you shared.

  3. It’s funny I have just finished organizing my big mass of home office space. The area I have managed to carve for myself is part of our guest room, nothing big, but I had to get rid of plenty of junk and clutter and opt for simple pieces that I can use in a variety of ways. I love bright colors, but I am definitely going to redecorate to a more subtle white on white. (although I love the Florida Gators colors for now)
    You have the best DIY ideas! I just love what you did with that table! The greek keys look beautiful, I have pinned it to my home office board. Thank you for sharing.

    • That is great you have been able to carve out some space in your home Dagmara. I find it does not have to be much, but definitely a designated space. Getting rid of clutter is the best! It is so mentally freeing 🙂 I tend to go back and forth between bright colors and a more neutral, glam ladylike vibe for office spaces. If only I could have more than one. Thanks so much for pinning the project!

  4. Robert R. Roth (Poppi) says:

    The desk really looks good.

  5. My hubs and I both office out of our home. It can be challenging keeping it clean since the office also doubles as our “mud room”. We use tons of bins and baskets, plus we used a lot of vertical space with shelving.

    The Greek key is SO my flavor. Love it:)

  6. Jennifer, that little Overlay completely changed the look of that piece! What a great, functional, handy, PRETTY little spot you have now. Thanks for linking up with us at Best of the Nest!

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