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Happy Monday!  Today, I am going to do something a little different.  I was invited by Tamara at Provident Home Design to participate in a blog tour that is going around the Blogosphere right now. Basically, a blog tour allows you to share some details about yourself with your readers and also introduce them to some other bloggers you love and follow.  Tamara at Provident Home Design spotlighted my blog and answered the same questions I will be answering here.

I will share some details about Tamara and introduce you to two blogs that I adore.  First, I must bear my soul and do my Q&A  . . .

My Q&A

Question #1- What am I working on right now?

I always have a list of projects on my DIY list.  Right now, I am working on FINALLY getting window treatments made for our living room.  I love the look of expensive custom drapes, but I am too cheap to spend a ton of money on them.  I am a huge fan of the Ikea Ritva drapes.  They are high quality and come extra long and only cost $34 for a pair of two.  At that price, I find it easy to justify splurging on trim to customize them.  I used Greek key trim in my breakfast nook here and am planning something similar in the living room.  It has been on my list forever, but finding time to sew with two little ones has proven to be difficult!

I am also working on a behind the scenes a plan for decorating my daughter Audrey’s big girl room. While I adore her nursery, we have lived with it for 5 years and I am ready for a change.  I am planning on using a grey and pale pink color palette and you can read here about a DIY lamp I just did for her room.  There are a ton of other projects I would love to tackle around our home, but since we currently rent, many of them are not in the cards right now.

Question #2- Why do I write/create what I do?

Many of you may not know that in my former life, I used to be an attorney.  Believe it or not, being an attorney does not present the opportunity to express your creative side very often.  I use blogging to express my creative side and my passion for interior design.  I have always loved design and decor even as a young child.  I began following design and DIY blogs several years ago and was amazed at the talent and creativity out in the blogosphere.  I recreated some of their DIY projects and felt such a rush.  I also get a serious high from thrifting and finding deals.  Some people are adrenaline junkies, some shopaholics, me I get my high from recreating the look for less.

Question #3- How does my work differ from others in its genre?

There are so many amazing design blogs out there it is pretty darn hard to set your self apart.  It is hard to always find a DIY or project that has not already been done.  What I try to do is add my own spin or details to a project to make it my own and useful for others.  My design style has changed and morphed over the years.  I would say that I used to prefer a much more traditional style.  Now, I like to infuse a few modern or eclectic elements to my decor.  Call me “traditional with a twist.” Personally, if I love the look or lines of something, I buy it.  I don’t really care what style it falls into. Isn’t that what it is really about anyways?  Surrounding yourself with beautiful things you love?

Question #4-How does your writing/creating process work?

I have to fess up here and admit that I don’t have a specific writing process.  I think it comes from years of law school training requiring that I brainstorm and outline EVERYTHING before I start to write.  My process for the blog is very informal and fly by the seat of my pants.  I would also like to say that I plan and organize my blog posts in advance, but I don’t.  I don’t really know what I am going to write about until a few days before.  When I first starting blogging, I was eager and would post 5 days a week and had it planned out in advance, but that did not last for long.  Between two kids and a part-time job, I just couldn’t keep up that pace, no matter how much I love design.

I also keep a journal for the blog and every time I think of a post idea, I write it down.  It is on my bedside table in case of middle of the night DIY dreams (I know you have them too!)  I am also old school and love to tear pages of amazing interiors or ideas out of magazines.  I adore Pinterest and have 3,500 pins, but there is still something about real, concrete paper sitting in front of you on an inspiration board.

Here are two wonderful blogs I would like to share with you today.

First up, is Tracy from Right Up My Alley

Right Up My Alley 3

I first became aware of Tracy’s blog when she paired up with one of my other favorite bloggers Kate from Centsational Girl on the East Coast Creative’s Creating with the Starts Contest.  Look at this amazing Society Social knockoff console she built (tutorial here).  I adore everything about it, especially the color.

Right Up My Alley 2

Another one of my favorites of Tracy’s is this DIY trimmed bedding.  It is such a simple way to add a touch of color and sophistication to any white bedding.

Right Up My Alley 1

Next up, is Shanice from City of Creative Dreams

Here idea for using plastic bags instead of a pillow insert is pure genius.  You can’t even tell the difference when comparing the two.  Those down inserts are not cheap!  Definitely a green DIY.

Recycle Plastic Bag Pillows (14)

I also love this idea she had for a DIY white background.  As I get more involved in blogging, I realize how important photography is, and how a great background can make such a difference.  I can’t wait to make one of these.

DIY White Background (29)

I hope you have enjoyed the blog tour and get a chance to visit these great blogs.  If you want to see the blogs they spotlight and see their blog tours, head over to their blogs next Monday, September 1st!

Again, thank you to Tamara from Provident Home Design for inviting me on the Tour!  You can check out this DIY marble top console she made over on her blog .

DIY-Marble-Top-Console-Table Hope you have a great Monday!



  1. I love that you were an attorney in your former life.:-) That explains why you are so articulate and well versed in writing–lots of practice!!:-) Thanks again for participating in the Blog Tour!!

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