Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Makeover

Hey All!  I told you last week about my serious obsession with Annie Sloan Chalk paint, so today I wanted to show you one of my first Annie Sloan makeovers and give you a review of what I believe are the pros and cons of using this wonderful paint!

Here you see a photo of a demilune table I bought when I had a serous “Shoportunity” at my beloved Marshall’s.  It was plain, boring white and only $40.00.  But I had a place for it and a vision!!

White Console Table

I wanted a “pop of color” as they say in my dinning room, which is really neutral.  I decided to go with the color Emile which Annie Sloan describes as a warm aubergine.  I actually found a 4 oz. sample on Ebay for $8.99 including shipping.  Ebay is one of my favorite sources for getting the look for less.  After painting the table, I rubbed the table details with Rub N Buff in Gold Leaf.  I will be doing a separate post on using and transforming furniture and accent pieces with Rub N Buff.  Here is the table after about 1 hour of work!

photo (7)

Overall, I am in love with Annie Sloan chalk paint.  I like it most for European or cottage style finishes because it distresses extremely well.  Below is a list of advantages and disadvantages.


  • You can skip priming and sanding (a huge advantage in my opinion)
  • It covers very well and dries very fast
  • The colors are unique and gorgeous and you can combine to create more options
  • It has very low VOC’s so you can paint indoors
  • It distresses very well
  • You can add water to it to create a “wash”
  • It cleans up effortlessly


  • It is expensive at $39 per quart (I have found some cheaper on Ebay)
  • It is only available from a nearby stockist or online (you have to pay shipping adding to the cost)
  • It is recommended that you protect it with clear wax which can be tricky to apply
  • I find it not very durable on pieces that get a ton of traffic like a dinning or end table. I have had to repaint mine.

Other than durability issues on high traffic pieces, I love this paint.  If the cost gets you down, I have also made my own chalk paint very successfully at a fraction of the cost.  I will post soon on how to DIY your own chalk paint.

What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of this unique paint?  Have you ever played chemist and made your own??


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