A Chic Nursery Tour

Hello all! Today, I thought I would share with you a beautiful nursery tour. I don’t think there is a space more fun or special to decorate than a nursery. These days nursery’s go beyond flowers and trains and can be just as stylish as the rest of the home. I was inspired by Danielle Hardy’s nursery I found on the Glitter Guide.

I am really inspired to make paper flowers like the ones below for my Audrey’s big girl room!

Glitter Guide Nursery 1


Glitter Guide Nursery 4


Glitter Guide Nursery 2


Glitter Guide Nursery 3


Glitter Guide Nursery 5


Glitter Guide Nursery 7


Glitter Guide Nursery 6

Image credits: Tracey Ayton

The last photo seriously makes me want to have another baby!  Maybe I will become an interior designer just so I can design nurseries??

Head over to the Glitter Guide to check out the entire tour.


  1. this is such a sweet nursery. I am like you, thinking about decorating for a nursery makes me think it would be fun to have another one. Then I remember sleepless nights, diapers bags, changing diapers and think I am ok with my three I have.

    • Yes, all it takes is remembering the sleepless nights for me! My sister is going to have a baby soon, so I will live vicariously through her! Thanks for stopping by!

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