A Call For Preservation

Hi all!  If you are a regular reader, you know we just purchased our dream home.  You can read all about it in this post.  Now that our purchase is finalized, we are in the process of selling our first home.   We were elated when we got an offer for our full asking price, as we were in a crunch to sell to avoid the dreaded double mortgage payment.  That was until we found out that they planned on tearing it down!

Yes, you heard that right.  They planned on tearing down our beloved first home.  The home where we walked through the threshold as newlyweds, where we brought our first-born home from the hospital.  The place so charming someone once called it the cottage where snow-white once lived.


I get it.  Old homes are filled with headaches.  Old electrical, old pluming, the list goes on and on. However, for all of those headaches, there is craftsmanship and detail of a time gone by.  The new homes today are simply not built with the same.  I also get the need for more closet space (those home were definitely not meant to accommodate modern-day wardrobes.)

However, I don’t understand the need for more and more space, just for the sake of having more. The neighborhood where we live and where our old home is has beautiful and unique period homes from the 1920′ s and 1930’s.   No home is exactly alike and it is just that character that I love so much.  Many of the homes, however, have been replaced by “McMansions” that are overbuild on the lots, tower over the neighbors, and look like boxes with windows.

It is this type of McMansion that I fear for our old home and the neighbors we hold dear.  We are in a tight spot and need to accept this offer, however, I fully intend to write the future owners and express my opinion as to the importance of preserving the home’s character.




What do you think?  I think she is worth it (yes, I call the home a “she.”) Would you do the same? Do you love old homes as much as I do?

Stay tuned, I will post the letter I write soon.



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