4 Weeks Of Being 4

I posted here about some updates I did to my little girl’s room in honor of her upcoming birthday.  I really can’t believe that my little baby is turning 5.  Five just seems so close to double digits and further away from babyhood!

I soo want to be the mom who takes millions of pictures and immediately puts them into photo albums or scrapbooks.  I AM NOT.  Strong is a woman who knows her limits!  I was really good for the first two years and then I went ahead and had another baby and man has the picture-taking and picture printing gone down.  Now, I find I take the photos, but rarely do anything with them.

I think I am overwhelmed by the digital age because we end up taking so many more photos.  Instead of going through them and ordering the ones I like and deleting the ones I don’t I get paralyzed by it and don’t do anything.

So, in an attempt to record more moments and honor my daughter’s 4 years ( I forget sometimes that she is so new to this Earth), I took photos of her during her last month of being 4.  I called my little project “four weeks of being four.”  I tried to take pictures of her doing things that are things that toddlers typically love.  I know she will be outgrowing some of these things so soon, so I wanted to make sure I had it documented.

Here she is doing some adorable toddler girl things!  FYI- This is just a sampling of the 1,000 baby dolls we have.  Thank heavens I have another girl!


Charlotte's Birthday Collage

If you have children, how do you document their little lives?  Any tips on organizing and actually doing something with all those photos??


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