H&M Spring Line: Affordable Pops of Color

I am so digging H&M’s home line right now.  Just like their clothing line, it is fun, fresh and best of all affordable!

I am particularly in love with their PILLOWS.  I only featured two below, but there are plenty more amazing options online at such affordable prices!! Howe cute is the one with the pom poms?  This would look so adorable in my daughter’s room.  I have even been thinking of adding some pom pom fringe to her existing curtains!



Pillow / Porcelain Box / Metal Container / Towel / Glass / Pillow

Have you purchased anything from H&M’s home line?  If so, how was the quality? You can see my review when the home line debuted here.

Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter!

Spring Accents On The Bar Cart

I absolutely love my Target wood and brass bar cart.  However, its brass and wood tones make it a bit on the dark side.  For fall and winter, it is perfect, but for Spring I wanted to liven it up a bit!

Cue in some flowers, fresh fruit and brightly colored straws and we are good to go!

Here is what it looks like now!

Bar Cart 1


Bar Cart 3


Bar Cart 5

I found these little guys at a thrift store for only $5.  Gotta love the hunt!  I added some gold spray paint and they are like new.

Bar Cart 4

These pink carnations were only $3 and they have lasted forever.  They are such an inexpensive flower to use in small or large groupings.  Move over roses!

Bar Cart 7


Bar Cart 6


Bar Cart 2

You can follow my obsession with this bar cart here, here and here.  You can see “her” all dolled up for Christmas here.

Are you a fan of the bar cart?  If so, do you give it a gender like I do? Haha!  I feel like it is such a staple and can fit in any room with any decor.

Indigo Accents

Everywhere I turn, I keep seeing the most rich hues of indigo blue.  From high-end retailers like Horchow to stores like Target, this trend is everywhere. It is one of the oldest methods for dying fabrics and has stood the test of time.  It works classically with white, but can also be mixed with other colors like pink or chartreuse.


I am also really loving the indigo tie dye prints that are out there.  They are so relaxed and summery!  They have the power to transport me to an island in the Bahamas.  Maybe someday!  Here are some of my favorite picks on this trend.

OB Indigo

Mirror / Pillow / Rug / Napkins / Pillow / Pouf

What do you think?  It it a color you would use in the spring or summer?  If you had your own private island??


Come On Over For Easter Brunch!!

I am actually really excited for Easter this year.  My two girls are super giddy about it and that makes it even more fun.  Oh, to be a child again!!  I love entertaining and this table I set up for an Easter brunch was simple, but turned out really elegant.  I used mostly things I already owned, which makes it even better.  So, come on in and see how we roll for Easter . . .

Sprint Tour 8

The flowers are ranunculus, tulips, hyacinths, ornamental kale and reindeer moss.  You can’t have an Easter table without tulips, right?

Easter Brunch 3

The plates are a combination of basic white plates from Pottery Barn and fancy china from Vera Wang and Wedgwood.

Easter Brunch 5

Easter Brunch 2

I found these little moss-covered baskets at World Market for only $2.99.  How cute are they?  The napkins are just inexpensive paper napkins I found at Tuesday Morning.

Easter Brunch 7

This ornamental kale was very inexpensive, very pretty and lasted FOREVER!

Easter Brunch 6


Easter Brunch 8

Easter Brunch 1

Now, I just have to cook some amazing food to eat!  What are your plans for Easter?   Do you entertain or host?

Party Time: Oh Joy For Target

Oh Boy am I excited about the Oh Joy collection at Target!  Joy Cho, the creative genius behind the lifestyle blog Oh Joy has collaborated with Target on a line of party items.  I absolutely adore her style and think this collection would be so perfect for a summer party, a little girls birthday party, or even a baby shower.

Oh Joy Target 3

This collection is available for a limited time only, so I would jump on it if you have any fun parties to plan this year.  My daughter’s birthday is in July and I can’t wait to snatch up some of these items for her party!

Here are some of my favorite picks from her collection:

OB-Oh Joy For Target


Cake Stand /  Wall Decals / Pitcher / Party Hats / Cake Topper / Plates

What do you think?  Not your average party decor, right?  There are even patterned garbage bags for the hostess who thinks of everything!


Easter Eggs Part Deux

I posted here about some DIY Ombre Easter Eggs I made.  After making entirely too many of them, I decided to try something different with about half of them.  Using simple materials I had on hand, I created these paper mache type eggs.

Easter Eggs 2


Here is what you will need:



  • Patterned paper napkins of your choice.
  • Scissors
  • Sponge or paint brush
  • Mode Podge
  • Eggs

STEP 1:  Separate the napkin layers.  Keep the top patterned layer and discard the remainder.  Cut shapes from the top layer.

STEP 2:  Brush Mod Podge onto the egg then apply a cutout from the napkin.  After letting it dry, paint another layer of Mod Podge on top to seal.  I found you really had to take your time and use your fingers to smooth out the paper or else you would end up with a wrinkled effect.

There are so many beautiful napkin patterns out there these days, so the possibilities are endless.  It literally took me about 10 minutes to create these beauties!

Easter Eggs 4


Easter Eggs 3


What about you?  How do you decorate your eggs?  Do you go for a PAAS kit or do you try something more untraditional?

Stay tuned . . . I may have another decorating idea coming soon.  I just can’t get enough!

Spring Home Tour

Spring is in the air!!  Actually, this week has felt more like winter in Northern California, but a mere technicality!  I don’t decorate per se for Spring, but I do love to add a few touches here and there.  This usually involves me buying more flowers than I can carry!  Here are some touches of Spring from around our home:

Spring Tour 2


Spring Tour 1


Sprint Tour 8

Spring Tour 7


Spring Tour 5


Spring Tour 6

Spring Tour 3


Spring Tour 4

What about you?  Do you decorate for Spring or Easter?  What is your favorite way to incorporate this lovely season into your home?


DIY Ombre Easter Eggs

Hope you had a great weekend!  I spent a portion of my weekend dying Easter eggs with my daughter.  In lieu of a standard PAAS egg dying kit, we opted for a more sophisticated palette this year!  Check out these super simple ombre eggs.  I chose blue, but you could opt for any color.  You can create this dynamic arrangement with vials of blue dye from a food coloring kit!

Ombre Eggs 1


Here is what you need to do:

FIRST, set out six 12 oz glasses and label them 1 through 6.

SECOND, add one cup of boiling water and two teaspoons white vinegar to each and stir.  Use a separate spoon for each glass (I learned this the HARD way!)

THIRD, mix in the color of your choice as follows.  In glass 1 put 2 drops.  In glass 2 put 6 drops.  In glass 3 put 10 drops.  In glass 4 put 20 drops.  In glass 5 put 45 drops and in glass 6 put 60 drops (it almost killed my daughter to not be invovled in this critical step!)

FINALLY, submerge a hard-boiled egg in each glass.  Steep for 5 minutes or until you are satisfied with the color then remove and place in an empty egg container to dry.

Oh, I also took the basic crate that the eggs came in and painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Paris Grey so I could have something simple and elegant to display them in.

Ombre Eggs 2

I guarantee I will also be doing a traditional PAAS kit with my kids or at least putting stickers all over these lovelies!  What about you?  Do you have a tradition for dying and decorating your Easter eggs?  Do tell in the comments!

Decorating with Books

When I was looking at the design trends for 2014, it was said that books reduced to decor was on its way out.  It was called a “statement in not reading.”  I disagree.  I think there are many books that you can read and then enjoy as decor.  I feel like there is nothing more personal than decorating with books.  It tells a story of who you are, where you have been, and what your preferences are.

Books are so versatile.  You can style them on a bookshelf, stack them high and use them as an end table, or use them to give height and dimension to a coffee table or other vignette.  If you have been reading this blog for any period of time, you will know how I use books in many of my shoots and vignettes.


decorating with books 9 Grey and Scout

domino decorating with books Domino

decorating with books 2 Arianna Belle

decorating with books 1 The Neo Traditionalist

decorating with books 12 Pinterest

decorating with books 7 The Everygirl

decorating with books 11 The Glitter Guide

decorating with books 3 Sara Ruffin Costello

decorating with books 10 Decor 8

decorating with books 5 Mark Sikes

decorating with books6 Paloma 81

decorating with books 8 Tiffany Eastman Interiors

Do you ever decorate with books?  What do you think is the best way to display these treasures?

Stay tuned as I will be posting about my favorite design and coffee table books!

DIY Gold Leafed Agate Coasters

Agate Coasters Banner

It has been a rough week here in our household and I found this little quote on Pinterest and it made me smile.

Life Gives You Lemons

So, I tried to think of what I could transform with gold to help turn life’s lemons into lemonade. After Christmas, I bought these agate Christmas tree ornaments at Target for about $1 each. I took the hanging hooks off and decided to use them as coasters.  They were beautiful, but needed something more.

I was inspired by these beautiful gold-rimmed coasters from an online store called 1956 Heritage.  Aren’t they to die for??

gold rimmed agate coasters

So, I took the Krylon Gold Leafing Pen I used for this project and rimmed the edges with gold leaf.  You can find a gold leafing pen at most craft stores or online at Amazon.

Here is my version.

agate coasters


agate coasters 2


They are not nearly as sparkly or gold as the inspiration piece, but I think they are still really pretty.  They only cost me a little over a $1 each to replicate.  The inspiration coasters were $110 for a set!  I love getting the look for less!!

What about you?  Has life given you lemons lately?  Did you paint something gold??

I am linking these beauties up to the Best of the Nest Party over at Simple Details.  Head on over here to see all of the amazing projects!