DIY Dress Up Armoire


I posted here about some updates I did to my daughter’s room for her 5th Birthday.  One of the projects was converting an old computer armoire into a dress up armoire for my daughter’s ever-growing collection of dress up dresses.

Below is the computer armoire before.  It seriously dates me.  We used to house our giant computer complete with huge hard drive and keyboard.  It was very useful back in the day and is very well-built and has some nice detail work on it.  Now that we use a laptop, this bad boy has been collecting dust in our garage for about 5 years.  I was about to get rid of it when I had an idea for re-purposing it.


photo (3)

The first thing we did was tear out the shelving.  We made sure to save the keyboard shelf as we intended to use it on the bottom of the armoire for my daughter’s shoes.  The goal was to put it on the track so she could pull it forward and see all of the shoes including those hidden in the back.  Here is a photo of the armoire with the shelving removed.  Sorry for the poor photo quality, but my garage does not get the best light!


Next, we took some MDF board from the Home Depot and cut it to fit the inside walls of the armoire.  Ripping out the shelving had left some marks on the sides that we wanted to cover.  Plus, I wanted to cover the inside with decorative paper, so using the MDF board would make it very easy to apply.


Next, I painted the armoire using American brand chalk paint by Art Deco from the Home Depot.  I used a color called Everlasting which is between a true white and an off white.  It was very similar to Annie Sloan’s Old White.

I did not sand or prime this piece before painting because it is not required when using chalk paint.  I needed three coats of paint to cover the entire armoire.  Here is a photo of what it looked like after one coat.



I would say the coverage of the Americana brand is similar to that of Annie Sloan.  I think I had to do three coats because I was doing such a light color over a dark wood.  I applied a coat of wax when I was finished and then distressed some of the edges for a weathered look.

I wanted to cover the inside of the armoire with a print.  I envisioned something floral because her room has a botanical theme.  I really wanted to use wallpaper and figured that it would be relatively cheap since I was covering such a small surface.  Not the case.  Most of the wallpaper I fell in love with was over $100 and you had to buy it by the roll.

As an alternative, I found this adorable floral wrapping paper called “Garden Roses” from Paper Source.  It was only $3.50 a sheet to boot!  I applied it directly to the MDF board using wallpaper paste.  I used a ruler to work out any wrinkles.  If you don’t have wallpaper paste, Mod Podge that is specially formulated for paper would probably work too.  It turned out beautifully!  I think the key to wallpapering with wrapping paper is to use thick, quality wrapping paper.



Finally, I installed a rod inside the armiore at a level where my daughter could easily reach the dress up dresses all by herself.


Here is the final product with some of her dresses lined up.  I am so pleased with how it turned out and am so glad I decided not to get rid of this beautiful piece of furniture.  My daughter loves it and feels so special!

Birthday Girl 4


Birthday Girl 3

Have you ever tried Americana brand chalk paint?  How do you feel it held up to Annie Sloan?

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Still Trending: African Juju Hats

African inspired decor is having a major moment in the interior design world.  The specific trend that I find keeps holding on  is the juju hat.  In Cameroon, the country where these unique hats originated, tribal chiefs and dignitaries wear the hats during official court ceremonies to make them stand apart from other citizens.

They provide such a focal point and often times a pop of color in a room.  I think they can replace what would typically be a mirror above a mantle or above a bed or even act as a piece or artwork. They lend themselves to both traditional and modern decor.  See how beautifully juju hats are incorporated into the homes below:

African Decor 3 Addicted to Style Addicted to Style

African Decor 5 Domino Brittany Ambridge

Juju hat luke remond

 Luke Redmond

African Decor 2 H & G House and Garden

African Decor 4 maria barros Maria Barros

juju hat blog


juju hat lonny Lonny

juju hat pinterest irreverently inspired

 Preppy Lane

juju hat pinterest 2


juju hat stacy and charlie Stacy and Charlie

Juju hat pinterest  Virginia MacDonald

juju hat pop sugar


These bad boys are not cheap and a nice one will cost you upwards of $500.  However, there are all kinds of DIY versions on Pinterest.  Maybe in all of me “free” time!

What do you think?  Too out there or a unique accent?

4 Weeks Of Being 4

I posted here about some updates I did to my little girl’s room in honor of her upcoming birthday.  I really can’t believe that my little baby is turning 5.  Five just seems so close to double digits and further away from babyhood!

I soo want to be the mom who takes millions of pictures and immediately puts them into photo albums or scrapbooks.  I AM NOT.  Strong is a woman who knows her limits!  I was really good for the first two years and then I went ahead and had another baby and man has the picture-taking and picture printing gone down.  Now, I find I take the photos, but rarely do anything with them.

I think I am overwhelmed by the digital age because we end up taking so many more photos.  Instead of going through them and ordering the ones I like and deleting the ones I don’t I get paralyzed by it and don’t do anything.

So, in an attempt to record more moments and honor my daughter’s 4 years ( I forget sometimes that she is so new to this Earth), I took photos of her during her last month of being 4.  I called my little project “four weeks of being four.”  I tried to take pictures of her doing things that are things that toddlers typically love.  I know she will be outgrowing some of these things so soon, so I wanted to make sure I had it documented.

Here she is doing some adorable toddler girl things!  FYI- This is just a sampling of the 1,000 baby dolls we have.  Thank heavens I have another girl!


Charlotte's Birthday Collage

If you have children, how do you document their little lives?  Any tips on organizing and actually doing something with all those photos??


Project Birthday Girl!

My little girl is turning 5 this week and for some reason I am sort of nostalgic about it.  4 years old is just a bit closer to toddlerhood than 5, and her graduation to being 5 and starting Kindergarten this fall make her seem so much like a little girl.  In honor of her birthday, I made some updates to her room. I repurposed an old computer armoire into a dress up armoire and added some new curtains with a fun pom pom trim.  I will post tutorials on these projects next week and will include a review of Home Depot’s  Americana brand chalk paint which I used to paint the armoire!

Here is a sneak peek at the projects . . .

Birthday Girl 1


Birthday Girl 2


Birthday Girl 3


Birthday Girl 4

I had to think of something to house my daughter’s ever-growing collection of dress up clothes.  I am sure if you have little girls you know what I am talking about!  This armoire is the perfect height for her to get the dresses out all by herself.  Before, I had them all stuffed into a basket which was a nightmare.

How do you store your children’s toys?  This wantabe organized mom wants to know!

My Summer Tabletop

I love to entertain and nothing gets me more excited than creating a fun and beautiful tabletop (I loath the phrase “tablescape.”)  If you have been reading the blog for a while, you know I am a bit obsessed with gold and white.  If you have known me since childhood, you know that I am an avid sea shell collector.

So, I thought I would put together a table combining two of my favorite things!

Shell Table 1

Shell Table 3

Shell Table 5

Shell Table 4

Shell Table 8

Shell Table 6

Shell Table 7

Shell Table 2

The gold sea shell placemats are from Homegoods and the shell plates are from Target (no longer available).  The adorable shell place card holders are from Pottery Barn and believe it of not, the gold object behind the card holder is seaweed that I dried and painted gold.  Us DIY’ers are resourceful!

You can read more about my gold and white obsession here or follow my Pinterest board dedicated to all things gold and white here.

How do you entertain in the summer?  Please tell us in the comments your favorite tip for summer entertaining!

Random Thoughts On Decorating . . .

Over the long weekend, I was going through my heap of interior design magazines (I have a serious hoarding problem when it comes to magazines), and was deciding which ones to toss and which ones to keep.  About 3 hours in, I had a revelation.  I started to notice that the magazines I think of as the creme de la creme of decorating magazines were the ones I was tossing.  You know the ones – Veranda, Traditional Home, Architectural Digest.

  Veranda Veranda

House Beautiful House Beautiful

veranda 2 Veranda

I began to think about why I was opting to toss these beautiful magazines and instead keeping magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens.  I think it came down to the fact that while elegant and beautiful, the homes in the super high-end magazines were not approachable or livable to me.  I simply had nothing concrete to take away from the million dollar New York penthouses or the vast wine county chateaus that were meticulously decorated by a team of interior designers.

Better Homes and Gardens Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens 2

 Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens 3 Better Homes and Gardens

The homes that adorn the inside of Better Homes and Gardens (BHG), while equally beautiful, have such an approachable, livable and do-able feel to them.  I can imagine families and pets living in them, and I can imagine creating such spaces on my own, without the use of a team of decorators. BHG also has a ton of DIY ideas and is often geared toward budget decorating.  I also love that you can actually FIND the sources used in the magazine and they aren’t only available “to the trade” as is the case with the high-end magazines.

I think this is one reason why decorating is mystifying and intimidating to so many.  People see the museum-like images in high-end magazines and are intimidated.  BHG breaks down decorating for the “rest of us” and has such a beautiful, yet livable feel to the interiors it features.

If anyone needs any glossy, high-end magazines, my recycling bin is now full!

Do you have a favorite decorating magazine?  If so, why is it your go to?

Happy 4th of July!!

4th of July quotes

Happy 4th!!  I plan to attend our traditional neighborhood parade with my kiddos and top off the day with a BBQ and fireworks.  I hope you enjoy spending time with family and friends this Independence Day!

I will be back next week hopefully sharing some DIY projects I  have been working on for what seems like FOREVER!~

Star Spangled Decor

I don’t know about you, but I have never been a fan of decorating for the 4th of July.  I usually just plant a few flags at the entrance of our home and call it a day.

4th of July flags

I just think that adding too much red, white and blue makes a room look a bit forced and overdone.  Here are some rooms with a few touches of red, white and blue that I think work really well.

4th of July Bedroom Oak Cliff

4th of July Patio Pottery Barn

4th of July Living Room

Elle Decor

4th of July Pottery Barn

 Pottery Barn

4th of July Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

4th of July Entry

 Elle Decor

What about you? Do you decorate for the 4th?  If so, what touches do you add to your home?

Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

I have been wanting a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree for what seems like forever.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Remain Simple

These beautiful houseplants have been very trendy for some time now.  I think they are the perfect way to bring a natural element into your home and can add so much texture and height to a room.  I also think they also lend themselves to different interiors from modern to traditional to cottage.  See the range of homes they are used in below.

Fiddle Leaf Fig 4

Redmond Aldrich Design

Fiddle Leaf Fig 3

Simply Smitten

Fiddle Leaf Fig 8


Fiddle Leaf Fig 6


Fiddle Leaf Fig 9 Houzz

Fiddle Leaf Fig 2 Better Homes and Gardens

They sell very small ones at Ikea but they are not like the tall ones featured above.  The are more of a bush-like shrub.  I am desperate to find a big boy!  I have heard they sell them at Home Depot and Lowe’s now, but I have not had success there.

Do you have a go-to house plant?  One you can keep alive??

If any of my Northern California readers know where to find a tall Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, please do tell!

Chairish: Craigslist With Only The Good Stuff

Have you heard about the app and website called Chairish?  It is an online consignment marketplace for the design obsessed.  It is basically a Craigslist or Ebay with only the good stuff. You can make an offer or buy the item now.

I am always on the lookout for new design sources, so I am super excited about this.  You can score gently used vintage finds for a fraction of the cost!

You can search by location and for those of us in Northern California, there are many selections available in the San Francisco bay area so you can do local pickup!  Here are some of my favorite finds that are available as of today’s post.

Charish 7

Charish 6

Charish 1

Charish 3

Charish 2

Charish 4

Charish 10

Charish 8

Charish 5

Charish 9 So many treasures to hunt down!!  Head over to Chairish to check out all of the listings.